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Recognising Spiritual Abuse: What is it, what should you look out for, what helps with recovery?


Series for CMCS ONLINE


I am pleased to have been invited by CMCS to deliver their 2019-2020 Training Series on Spiritual Abuse. I delivered a similar training face-to-face in Birmingham, Exeter, and York, but due to CV-19 the final sessions are being delivered online. This has given us the opportunity to add an extra date.


Spirituality and Religion are important to millions worldwide, but what happens when these so called ‘safe spaces’ control, abuse, and traumatise their followers and believers, and how do survivors recover?


In this Workshop I look at the ‘shadow side’ of spirituality and Religion (yes, there is a shadow side to everything, sadly). I define ‘what is spiritual abuse?’ and explore the continuum all the way up to the enclosed system of a ‘cult’. I also explore what to look out for in spiritual abuse and cult survivor clients, and what helps with recovery.


Why not consider joining us on the final date in this series:

21 November - 9.10 for a 9.30 start to 5



The cost for those on the CMCS Register is £80 and for non-members £90.



To book please click here.

Bookings will close a couple of weeks before each Workshop or earlier if all the places are taken.


Purpose & Rationale

This training event will provide an introduction to the issue of spiritual abuse and cults, a broad overview and understanding of the field, and resources for investigating the subject more fully.

  • We will explore the continuum from healthy to unhealthy spirituality; discuss what spiritual abuse is; and define spiritual abuse and cult.
  • We will explore the harm caused and how to recognise, in the consulting room, clients affected by spiritual abuse and cults.
  • We will explore what helps survivors of spiritual abuse to recover.  Strategies that have been shown to help survivors, in research and clinical practice, will be discussed.



'A clear and informative presentation on spiritual abuse - really developed my understading of SA and cults. Hearing (Gillie's) personal experience was really helpful.'


What did you find most useful about the workshop?

'Definitions and lively discussions , personal experience of presenter and examples from her work.'


Did the workshop fulfil your expectations? 

'Yes it exceeding my expectations and made me realise how little of this subject I was aware of. '


The workshop was very well held with participants feeling enabled to fully contribute.'


'It helped to process my own experience of spritual abuse. It was both healing and enlightening. Many thanks.'


'It was excellent, delivered by a person who had first-hand experience, plus had researched the subject in great depth.'


'Yes, it fulfilled my expectations, actually it surpassed my expectations.'





Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling 2019 - Fully booked


10 days over 3 weekends - September 2019, March & June 2020

The Hope Valley Counselling Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling (C-PCC) is designed to train former members who are accredited therapists to work with other survivors of coercive and radical cultic groups. The C-PCC will be delivered in Derbyshire, England by two highly experienced therapist trainers Dr Gillie Jenkinson and Sue Parker Hall, international speaker and author of 'Anger, Rage, and Relationship'.



Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling 2021

If you wish to express an interest in attending the Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling for 2021 please contact Gillie Jenkinson.





Hope Valley Therapist Training


We have developed a 2-day training suitable for therapists wishing to attend CPD and gain an introduction to working with former cult members and survivors of spiritual abuse - please contact Gillie if you are interested in receiving further information.


We have also developed a 10 day training for those wishing to be equipped to work with the Post-Cult Counselling model - Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling (see above).
Supervision or consultancy is also available for therapists requiring support.


Register your interest by emailing us below, and we’ll keep you up to date regarding the training.


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