Welcome to Hope Valley Counselling

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We specialise in offering Post Cult Counselling to former members of abusive groups, high demand groups, cults, one-on-one cults or relationships and spiritual abuse amongst other things (see Services page).


Hope Valley Counselling Limited was set up in August 2006 by the Directors, Gillie and Tony Jenkinson, to provide psychotherapy, Post-Cult CounsellingHVC, 'Time Away in the Peak District', supervision, consultancy, group work and training. Gillie is a psychotherapist (see the 'Experience' section). Tony deals with financial matters and is a consultant for the company.


The company is named after the area in which it operates - the Hope Valley - which is a beautiful part of North Derbyshire, is a National Park and an area of outstanding natural beauty (see photos).


Hope Valley Counselling is a Company Registered in England and Wales No: 5889067


A note about availability and exciting PhD project:

I, Gillie Jenkinson, have now submitted my qualitative grounded theory doctoral research thesis to The University of Nottingham. I have investigated: 'What helps former cult members recover from an abusive cult experience?' I interviewed 29 former cult members and represent their voices in my research.


I await my viva voce (oral examination and defense of my thesis) and am told this will take place in October 2016 and that it is usual and likely that this will result in further work on the thesis.


In the meantime, I continue to be on sabbatical throughout August 2016 but am checking voicemail and email occasionally. I will be back to counselling from 1st September 2016 so please leave a message if you wish to speak to me and I will get back to you after that date.


Thank you for your patience and I hope my research will contribute to the understanding of what helps former cult members recover.


Grindleford, Hope Valley, Derbyshire: