Time Away for Post-Cult Counselling: Relational Psychoeducational Intensive

Where: Psychology of Coercive Control, University of Salford

Date: 7th March 2018

Description: Gillie will be presenting her model for recovery from cults and coercive control on the 'Psychological Approaches to Recovery from Coercive Control' module to the students on this course - 3 hours.





Coming Soon! Hope Valley Therapist Training


We’ve recently had a flood of requests for therapist training to work with clients who have suffered in cults. A suite of Hope Valley programmes are now in development - suitable both for therapists looking for an introduction to the area and also those interested in extended CPD learning to be equipped to work with the Post-Cult Counselling model.
Supervision or consultancy is also available for therapists requiring support.


Register your interest by emailing us below, and we’ll keep you up to date regarding the training.


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